Born fall 2010

December 15th, TOOTS, 1st son for Roel Vanderstukken

November 26th, PENELOPE, 1st daughter for Gianna Nannini (age 54 !)
November 23th: BENJAMIN, son for John Travolta
November 23th: 4th child for Stella McCartney
November 17th: EMMA, 1st daughter for Jan(tje) Smit
November 12th: MAURO, 1st son for my friend Chris Moerman
November 3th: JULES, 1st son for Iljo Keisse

October 28th: IDA, daughter for Erik and Greet ;-)
October 27th: ALAN, 1st son for Philippe Gilbert
October 25th, 3rd son for Dinand Woesthoff (zanger Kane)
October 24th: STELLA Zavala, 3rd daughter for Matt Damon
October 23th: EDDY and NELSON, Twins for Celine Dion
October 20th: LOWIS, 1st daughter for Matthias Coppens
October 14th: EGYPT Daoude Dean, son for Alicia Keys
Oktober 5th: MAC, 2nd son for Evi Hanssen

September 26th: LEON, son for Bob Savenberg
September 17th: YOUKA, 2nd son for Francesco Planckaert
September 15th: BUDDY, 1st son for Jamie Oliver
September 14th: STORM, 1st son for Isabella A


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